• Dial A Dump

    Dial A Dump

    CB provided total turn key project management, QA/QC, civil earthworks of 900mm clay barrier, leachate layer including supply, fabrication and installation of HDPE pipe leachate conveyance system. Construction of the landfill cell sump and fresh water storages. 12 million m3 landfill project.

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  • Cadia

    Cadia Waste Rock (Acidic) Cap Lining

    An 82 acre geocomposite acidic leachate barrier lining system to cap mine waste rock.

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  • Buttonderry

    Buttonderry Waste Management Facility

    Supply and installation of a multiple lining system comprising of over 25,000m2 of GCL, HDPE with protection and separation geotextile.

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  • Wollert

    Wollert Landfill Cell 8 & 9

    70,000sqm of various geosynthetics systems including HDPE, GCL & geotextile.

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  • Boral

    Boral Landfill Lining

    Supply and Install of 65,000m2 of HDPE, geotextiles and pipework to new landfill cell.

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  • Euchareena

    Euchareena Rd Landfill

    36,000m2 supply and install multiple geosynthetic lining system comprising of 2.0mm HDPE smooth/textured with 1000g overlay. Curtis Barrier also supplied and installed the leachate treatment system.

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  • Tully

    Tully Landfill

    11,000m2 supply and install conforming to a higher standard of QA/QC specification. Multiple landfill lining system and ground water relief with Geonet, GCL, 2.0mm HDPE and pipes.

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  • SITA

    SITA Waste Management Facility Cell A5, Cell A5 Stage 2

    Supply, installation to specification and QA/QC of 45,000m2 of GCL, HDPE, Leachate Collection and Conveyance System, Leakage Detection System pipework. Curtis Barrier supplied and installed geosynthetics and drainage layer for hazardous materials in the mono cell.

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